I had never previously had Acupuncture but was suffering from lower back pain and was recommended to try it. I was amazed with the results and after a few treatments I was able to get back in the garden and do jobs I hadn’t managed to do for months!  Thank you Yvonne.

Mrs P. Bickerton – Selby

I was suffering from Menopausal sweats and read an article about Acupuncture and how it could help.  I am a bit of a wimp when it comes to needles, so was dubious about trying it, and worried at the thought of big needles.  I was delighted to find that the needles were very fine and once the first one was inserted (which I couldn’t even feel), I was happy to continue with the treatment.  I am happy to say that my sweats are now under control and my fear of needles has diminished. I continue to have treatments to maintain my health once a month and feel so much better afterwards. I would definitely recommend Acupuncture to anyone.

Mrs J Barnes – Selby

I had acupuncture many years ago for shoulder pain, so was keen to find an Acupuncturist who could help with knee pain.  I had been gardening a lot of late and with all the kneeling down to weed my right knee was aching constantly, and i found it difficult to getting off to sleep. I would recommend Acupuncture.

Mr M Jackson – Tadcaster

My face was looking and feeling very tired, with signs of a few wrinkles, pigmentation and historic scaring from spots. I decided I wanted to try a treatment that was more natural therefore, not involving fillers or Botox. In the past I have opted for microdermabrasion although, I didn’t seem to be getting the results I wanted.

I’d read an article about Dermapen Micro skin needling and the treatment sounded just exactly what I was looking for. So after an initial consultation with Yvonne, who completed a full history run through and advised me on the before and aftercare of the treatment and what was involved in the procedure I decided to go ahead.

I am now, two weeks on after my second session with her and the results so far are amazing. The actual pen needling is less painful than what I initially thought, with bleeding that is minimal and a small amount of redness that disappears over a few hours, the after sensation feels a little like sunburn but with the aftercare it soon wears off and the results are almost instant. My face feels more taught and looks plump, with the pigment on my forehead becoming lighter and the crease line between my eyebrows appearing less visible. It’s advised that it can take up to six weeks to see major effects although, my skin tone and texture is looking more youthful and bright. I am so pleased with the results from this fabulous treatment
therefore, this is something that will be ongoing for me to ensure I maintain the results I have already achieved as, I can honestly say that my face is looking in the best condition than it has in a long time!

Nicola White – Leeds

Having found myself under a lot of stress I was surprised when a friend recommended Acupuncture. I am not a lover of needles and felt extremely sceptical about the idea but Yvonne did explain what sensations I might feel from the needles and since i am against taking tablets i decided to give it a go.  I was pleasantly surprised to find the needles were not painful when inserted, but more importantly the treatment worked immediately at relaxing me.  I have so far had 3 treatments and each time i feel more relaxed – so much so that during the treatment i actually fell asleep.  I would not hesitate to recommend Yvonne and Acupuncture to all my friends.

Mr B Goss. – Wistow