Dermapen Treatments

What is Dermapen

Dermapen is a medically engineered skin needling device which utilises 12 surgical grade micro-needles that deliver effortless and effective skin needling.  It features an Advanced Oscillating Vertical needle technology enabling a gliding action that smoothly flows over the skin to deliver efficient, dramatic and long lasting results, triggering the skins own natural healing which results in a striking rejuvenation correction of the skin.  The Dermapen is able to manoeuvre across the face or body targeting acute or chronic concerns.

How it Works

The Dermapen is gently glided over the skin where microscopic puncture channels are lightly stamped into the skins matrix stimulating an inflammatory, or wound healing response, which promotes renewal, repair and rejuvenation. The body’s own collagen and elastin fibres are released to stimulate reformation, promoting hyaluronic acid production resulting in the restructuring of healthy skin.  Dermapen directly targets 3 cell types (Keratinocyes, melanocytes and fibroblasts)

which promote scarless wound healing via a controlled healing response. The areas worked on with

What does the Treatment feel like

Depending on the treatment, the needle depth ranges between 0.25mm and 2.5mm depth. A likening to a tickling sensation maybe felt and numbing creams can be applied 45-60 mins prior to treatment to increase comfort.

Is the treatment safe?

Yes.  Dermapen clinical treatments may only be offered by a qualified Dermapen practitioner under a strict sterile procedure, using single use detachable sterile heads.

How soon can I expect to see results?

Usually results can be seen after just one treatment, however it is recommended that a course of treatments are required in order to achieve full results.

Conditions effectively treated and managed using Dermapen:

Collagen Induction Therapy                                                         Sebhorrhoea

Skin Rejuvenation                                                                           Problematic skin ie acne

Ageing/Rhytids                                                                                 Enlarged/dilated pores

Ultra violet damage                                                                        Milia

Hyperpigmentation                                                                        Keratosis pilaris

Hypopigmentation                                                                          Scarring/ acne scarring

Vitiligo                                                                                               Striae

Rosacea Alopecia                                                                             Telangiectasia
Treatments are tailored to each individual patient as skin responses vary from person to person. The results can be seen after just one treatment, depending upon the individuals skin response.

Treatment Recovery and care – what to expect

The depth of the Dermapen is set according to the area of the body being treated. After treatment you can expect erythema similar to mild sunburn, which is an indication of successful treatment. There should be no signs of bruising, grazing or track marks on the skin, however pinpoint bleeding can be expected and is usually very minimal.
Patients on Anti-coagulant medication will be more prone to pinpint bleeding and petechiae. Whilst bleeding is haemoraged within minutes patients may experience minor itching or swelling on dermapen treated areas and in rare cases a minor skin reaction may occur due to certain Topical local Anaesthetic actives.

Prior to treatment

Please avoid the following activities and practices 48 hours prior to treatment.

  • Direct ultra violet exposure (sun or solariums_
  • Intensive cardio exercise or gym regimens
  • Further clinical treatments including microdermabrasion laser, intense pulled light, chemical peels, muscle relaxant injection to include dermal fillers and more….
  • Tatooing (including cosmetic)
  • Application of high doses of active topical skin care ingredients (including but not limited to): Retinoids, hydroquinone, alpha-hydroxy acids, beta hyroxy acids, benzol peroxide, alcohol and ethanol/isopropyl) chemical based sunscreens.
  • Excessive hot showers, spray or self tanning, swimming in chlorinated pools or sea.

Treatments are tailored to each individual patient as skin responses vary from person to person. The results can be seen after just one treatment, depending upon the individuals skin response.

What can Dermapen Treat

Anti-ageing, wrinkles, ultra violet damage, hyperpigmentation hypopigmentation, vitiligo, rosacea, problematic acne, dilated pores, milia, keratisis pilaris, scarring, stretch marks, alopecia and more..

Treatment Guide

4-6 treatments are required at 4-6 week intervals, followed by regular maintenance treatments.
Results – Increased collagen production, whilst melanogenesis becomes re balanced and the skin appears visibly plumper.
Sunscreens should be used and re applied. It is recommended that a minimum of SPF30 is applied over the skin to conceal and protect/perfect.

What are the downtimes?

Localised erythema may last up to 2 days following a treatment.

Suggested treatment sessions and Price


AreaTreatment Guide (weeks apart)Recommended SessionsMaintenanceCost per session
Face – wrinkle reduction, skin tightening & anti-ageing4-64-6Every 6 months£145
Neck – as above, combined with face4-64-6As aboveAdditional £50
Decolletage – as above, combined with face & neck4-63As aboveAdditional £50
Face – acne scars4-6Minimum 4None£145
Stretch marks4-6Seek consultationNoneConsultation Required